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Kootenay West BC Green candidate: Andrew Duncan

Rossland resident and active search and rescuer manager Andrew Duncan is the BC Green Party candidate for Kootenay West.

“I have three children and I’m worried about their future,” said Duncan. ” I’ve seen in the last 20-plus years a two-party system, and have left many British Columbians, including myself, feeling further behind than ever.”

Duncan said he recalled when he thought the Kyoto Accord would bring governments together to tackle climate change, and the Paris Agreement promised to do the same.

“…And next, who knows what agreement comes down the pipes,” Duncan told “Our governments have failed to act on climate change.”

Duncan pointed to his background in environmental science integrated with physical geography a starting point in his search for making an impact. However, through time, Duncan said he discovered that evidence alone is not enough to sway people’s minds to make meaningful change.

“So I went back to school for environmental education and communication,” said Duncan. “Any good scientist has to be somewhat of a poet.”

Duncan said as long as the provincial government subsidizes industries, including LNG, with billions of dollars, greener technologies will have a harder time competing. Also that the roughly $6 billion in subsidies amount to, “nearly $3000 in every British Columbian tax payer’s pocket.”

The Kootenays are not without positives according to Duncan. He noted the Renewable Natural Gas facility in Fruitvale which converts waste from the forestry sector to carbon-neutral gas. He also toted Nelson’s loan program to help people purchase electric bikes to curb excess vehicle use.

In that wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Duncan said B.C. under the guidance of Dr. Bonnie Henry did quite well.

“I think we were lucky,” Duncan added. “I think had spring break been a week earlier we may have had a completely different scene in British Columbia.”

Duncan went on to say that many of B.C’s policies were adopted from other provinces and that he would rather have B.C take on a leadership role.

Another health problem Duncan pointed to is the ongoing opioid crisis, wherein 2020, an average of 170 British Columbians die from an overdose monthly. He said he is looking for new, science-based policies to pass through Legislature.

“Providing people with clean drugs to minimize their drug use, this will support Public Health, it will support harm-reduction policies, it will also support British Columbians,” Duncan said.

The Kootenay West BC Green candidate concluded by saying a vote for him or his party has nothing to do with splitting a vote, but enacting change.

“There is a different opportunity for them, that is better for their future, that is better for their environment and is better for their kids, my kids.”

B.C votes on October 24th.

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