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Undercover Secrets – To A Great Fitting Bra!

Undercover Secrets – To A Great Fitting Bra!

When you find a bra that fits right, it doesn’t just feel good…it also helps build your confidence! At Undercover Secrets they want you to look and feel your best by helping you say no! No to discomfort, no to neck and back pain, and MOST DEFINITELY NO to bras that make you look saggy or create uniboobs.

At Undercover Secrets they know you’re a BUSY woman! You want to get dressed and go on with your day without constantly picking, pulling, and yanking at your bra. That’s why Undercover Secrets is here to help you get rid of all those annoying problems. With in-store sizes ranging from AA-N cups and 28”-52” bands, Undercover Secrets can help any Lady find the bra she really needs!

Fit And Feel!

The best way to start any day is with a great outfit! And every great outfit starts with a GOOD fitting bra. When a bra fits right it corrects your posture, and helps your clothing to fit better.

It might sound a little crazy…but when your bra fits right, you’ll even look like you’ve lost weight! And you’ll be surprised to find out how great you feel in clothing you never thought you could wear. Whether it’s something daring… or an outfit that’s been sitting in the back of your closet, Undercover Secrets has the bras to help you look and feel fantastic!

Bring the outfit of your choice in and the bra specialists at Undercover Secrets will help you with a personalized fitting and be totally honest with you! They’re not here JUST to sell you something, the bra specialists are here to help you learn the proper bra for your lifestyle, your needs, and your special outfit!

Helping You Heal!

Going through any form of breast surgery is a very sensitive and significant time in your life. At Undercover Secrets they believe having a proper fitting is crucial to your recovery, helping you heal your body and your mind. That’s why Undercover Secrets is here to help after your…

  • Mastectomy
  • Lumpectomy
  • Reduction
  • Augmentation

Certified and registered with Pharmacare for your medical needs…Undercover Secrets believes it’s important to be fit for a bra and prosthesis (if that’s what is needed) as soon as possible! Otherwise your body will start going into protective mode and your shoulders could start to curl in and cause other issues.

Undercover Secrets also believes getting fit for a bra can help you recover from everything that’s happened faster than if you choose to do nothing.

And to make sure you feel comfortable in any situation Undercover Secrets has partnered up with Amoena for your pre and post-surgical lingerie and swimwear needs!

Get Fitted Today!

Whether you’re looking to stop the constant picking, pulling, and yanking…you’re looking for the perfect swimsuit all year round…or you’re in need of a fitting for medical reasons, Undercover Secrets is here to help! Stop by today and let Undercover Secrets professional fitters help you look and feel your best! Visit the shop at 102 – 1983 Columbia Avenue in Castlegar and follow them on Facebook! At –

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