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Violence against women prevention month begins

The province says they’re ready to create an atmosphere of respect and safety for everyone as they begin Prevention of Violence Against Women week. 

According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, one woman or girl is killed every 48 hours in Canada and the cost to deal with the aftermath of spousal abuse is over $7 billion.  

Parliamentary secretary for gender equity Kelli Paddon says violence against women takes many forms and has become far more prevalent than anyone can imagine. 

“It can be verbal, such as jokes, rumors, threats or slander,” she says.

“It also occurs online and can involve sharing of intimate images without someone’s consent.” 

Patton says it is because of the rising violence the government decided to end it. 

“Safe and Supported brings all of government together in collaboration with Indigenous partners, and community organizations to prevent and help end violence against women and gender-diverse people,” she says.

“This work includes preventing violence through education and awareness, while also increasing safety and support for survivors.” 

For more about gender-based violence and how to support victims visit the province’s website.

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