For those wanting to go swimming at the ponds at Castlegar’s Millennium Park, only one is available. The other two ponds have been closed by the City for maintenance due to increased algae.

The City of Castlegar said algae, which is a naturally-occurring water plant, may not look pretty but is not harmful to people and it does not indicate poor water quality.

“The City regularly tests the water quality and submits the results to Interior Healthy Authority officials for review, following the Canadian Recreational Water Guidelines. All tests this year have met the guidelines” said the City of Castlegar.

Maintenance of the ponds is ongoing so city officials can safely open the natural swimming pools once again.

“We heard concerns from the community and we want to assure swimmers the water is safe,” said Mayor Bruno Tassone. “The natural ponds normally close for the season around this time of the year but Council asked staff to extend the season this year so we’re hoping our efforts are successful so we can get all ponds open for the public to enjoy.”

According to the City of Castlegar, one of their strategic priorities is to create “special places and recreation” for every resident. As part of that commitment, the municipality said they are focused on building up their recreational assets, both constructed or natural.