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‘I give them a big 10-4’: local trucker cheers on convoy

A longtime local truck driver says he supports a convoy headed to Ottawa to protest mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for drivers crossing the US-Canada border and sympathizes with their frustration.

“Go truckers go. I give them a big 10-4,” says Ed Lett, a driver/equipment operator for Marwest Industries, based in Castlegar. “I fully support those men and women that are really making a statement.”

Lett says truck drivers already have to comply with numerous rules and regulations as part of their job, and for the most part he agrees with them.

“I believe the trucking industry has gotten a whole bunch safer due to the regulations. I know a lot of guys, myself included, don’t always like them all. But they are the rules of the road and ultimately we don’t want to have incidents.”

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Lett says truckers have “gone above and beyond the call of duty” during the pandemic, but are still frequent targets of criticism. He says he understands why some are now taking a stand.

“I’m impressed, so impressed with the rest of Canada getting behind these truckers. They’ve had enough and I don’t blame them. They all have to make a living. We all have to make a living. I think it’s enough is enough.”

Lett, who is not vaccinated himself, says he does not think it is necessary for drivers crossing the border to be vaccinated if they are only making deliveries and then getting back in their truck.

He also feels that although the convoy was organized in response to the vaccine mandate, it is a sign of broader frustrations.

“We’re all fed up. We’ve all had enough. I hate to say it, but I really don’t trust the government anymore. I think they’re coming down on people too hard and people are fighting back.”

He adds that he feels the convoy will accomplish something, although he isn’t sure exactly what. He says his “heart is with” the drivers as he recovers at home from a stroke last fall that has kept him off the job and off the road.

“I’m sitting here looking out my living room window, and all I want to do is grab some gear and haul some gravel and move some equipment. I can’t do it and it’s driving me nuts. I support all of our fellow truckers, men and women, out there doing the job.”

Lett said he is not aware of any local truckers taking part in the convoy.

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