There’s no immediate movement when it comes to improvements at the West Kootenay Regional Airport, but the City of Castlegar has put out an update on where things are at.  The goal is to implement Required Navigation Performance (RNP) technology to increase reliability. In order to obtain that, there are a few challenges left to overcome,  including Transport Canada implementing an RNP procedure. Mayor Bruno Tassone says they’re still trying to push ahead to get there sooner.

“I know we’re slated in to have a look at it in 2020, but we’re trying to push it ahead a bit more.”

Another meeting should be coming up with Air Canada, Mayor Tassone adds. The hope is to have Air Canada formalize its commitment to using RNP and consider updating its planes before 2025.  Nav Canada is also responsible for the design work.


Image: City of Castlegar