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50-year old Trail man fined for speeding on electric scooter

A scooter incident over the weekend has prompted Trail RCMP officials to remind motorists that a valid BC driver’s license is required to operate any motor vehicle, including low-powered electric scooters.

On Saturday morning, a 50-year-old Trail man was spotted by police speeding on his electric scooter on the 1500 block of Second Avenue. RCMP officials said the man was believed to be driving at a speed of 40 to 50 km/h.

When the man was pulled over by police, he refused to provide his driver’s licence and insurance documents, arguing that the scooter was a bicycle.

The officer had to explain to the man that because his scooter did not contain pedals and could travel over 32 km/h, it qualifies as a motor vehicle.

This news allegedly upset the man, who became rude and uncooperative with the officer while attempting to leave the scene with the scooter.

The officer managed to prevent the man from leaving the scene, convincing him to provide his information for a violation ticket.

However, the man continued his protest after receiving the ticket by ripping it up. As a result, a second officer was called to the scene.

“Just a heads up, the new ticket paper is a lot tougher to tear up than the old ones. You may want to carry scissors if you plan to do this in the future,” said Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

The man and his scooter were detained roadside. Police issued him a driving prohibition and $679 in fines for not having a valid driver’s license and driving without insurance.

“Operating an electric scooter, such as in this incident, requires a valid driver’s license and insurance. Anyone driving a lower-powered electric vehicle must know the law and how it applies to the vehicle that they operate on a public road. Ignorance of the law is not a defense,” said Sgt. Wicentowich.

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