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Man charged in $1,600 perfume theft in Trail

This crime didn’t pass the smell test.

Trail RCMP say they were called Saturday to a business in the 1300 block of Cedar Avenue about the theft of $1,600 worth of perfume.

Surveillance footage showed a 36-year-old city man taking several bottles from a shelf on three separate occasions.

Police say the man was located in a downtown alley and arrested. He was released on a condition not to go into the store.

He’s expected to face three counts of theft under $5,000 and appear in court in Rossland on Dec. 7.

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No word what the suspect smelled like.

Truck smashes through gates at baseball diamond

Charges could be pending following a bizarre incident last Tuesday evening that saw a truck drive through the gates of Andy Bilesky Park in Glenmerry.

Police say witnesses saw the truck drive across the baseball field, plow through a chain-link fence, and then fall down an embankment before coming to rest.

A 42-year-old city man got out, ran to a neighbouring home and threw a propane tank into a back window before running into traffic several times, where he was nearly hit.

An officer tried to calm the man down but the man allegedly punched the officer and tried to run away. After a brief struggle, the man was arrested with the help of a second officer and bystanders. He was taken to hospital for medical assessment.

Police continue to investigate and say they plan to forward criminal charges to Crown counsel.

Pedestrian collapses

Police are thanking passing motorists for helping a man who collapsed on Highway 3B near Bluebird Road outside of Fruitvale on Friday afternoon.

A passing police officer roused the man awake. They say he appeared disoriented and in pain. Paramedics took him to hospital.

“Trail RCMP thank the motorists who stopped roadside to assist the man in medical distress,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich said. “Their compassion likely made a huge difference in the man’s future well-being and recovery.”

Speeding with an expired gun license

Police pulled over a 65-year-old Trail man Saturday morning for going 110 km/h in an 80 zone on Highway 3B.

The man was going hunting and had two guns with him, but the officer discovered his firearms license had expired. Both guns were seized and the man may face charges.

Stolen planter sought

A purple planter box was stolen overnight Friday-Saturday from the community garden on Riverside Avenue in Trail.

It measures three feet by two feet by two feet, has a metal plaque screwed into one side and is worth about $500. Anyone with info on its whereabouts is asked to call police.

“This planter box belongs to the community and plays an important role,” Wicentowich said. “It brings the neighbourhood together and produces food. Many people put in hard work to make this garden grow. If you took this planter, please return it immediately.”

A much-loved bush

A bush was the source of conflict between neighbours.

RCMP responded Saturday afternoon to a medical alert triggered by a 79-year-old woman when her neighbour, a 60-year-old man, accidentally sprayed her with a hose while she was trimming a bush in her yard in the 100 block of Nelson Avenue.

Officers discovered there was a dispute over who owned the bush, which appeared to be between the two properties. Police recommended the pair consult their landlord. The woman agreed not to trim it until the matter was resolved.

“We are happy that the bush is loved so much by both of its parents,” Wicentowich quipped.

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