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Racing motorcyclists ticketed in Trail

Two Trail men who police say were racing each other on the highway have each been fined.

RCMP say an off-duty BC Highway Patrol officer spotted the pair, ages 40 and 36, crossing a double solid line while heading west on Victoria Street on Thursday evening.

An on-duty officer pulled both men over. Each was fined $368 for driving without due care and had their bikes impounded for up to a week.

140 in a 70 zone

A 57-year-old Trail man was ticketed $483 for excessive speeding after police clocked him Saturday afternoon going 140 km/h in a 70 zone on Highway 22.

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“Our officer issued the violation ticket using our new in-car electronic ticketing system,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich noted. “Electronic ticketing has proven to be an easier way to issue violation tickets with fewer errors.”

Skunk trapped in Coke can

An officer took the above photo last night in East Trail of a skunk with its head stuck in a Coke can.

“Unfortunately this little guy is the victim of humans,” Wicentowich said. “My officer was not able to assist the skunk in getting the can off his head. Just a reminder to the public to dispose of trash responsibly in order to prevent conflict with wildlife.”

Twerking and cursing

A woman who was jailed for causing a disturbance in public danced for an officer first.

RCMP say they responded Sunday to a complaint about a 28-year-old woman in the 1400 block of Bay Avenue who refused to leave a business as requested.

An officer convinced the woman to go, but she declined to leave the area. He suspected she was under the influence of drugs.

While trying to return to his vehicle, police say the woman blocked his path and began twerking while yelling obscenities at him. The officer warned her she could be arrested, but she kept at it. She was then arrested for breach of peace and being drunk in public. She was held until sobering up.

“She came into this incident like a wrecking ball,” Wicentowich quipped. (That’s a Miley Cyrus reference.)

Keep your pants on

No, the king can’t order you to change your pants.

RCMP say they were called Friday by a man who saw someone wearing camoflauge pants downtown Trail.

The man said he was offended on behalf of the military as he believed civilians were not allowed to wear these kinds of pants. He asked police to look for the man and remove them.

The officer told him removing someone’s pants would be illegal even if they were camouflaged. The man replied he would remove the man’s pants under order of King of England. The officer replied that forcefully removed someone’s pants would constitute assault, despite any kingly edicts.

Wicentowich said their officers did look for the man wearing the pants in question “but unsurprisingly couldn’t find him.”

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