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A closer look at Greater Trail’s new waste collection system

New bins have been delivered to homes throughout Greater Trail and curbside composting begins Oct. 2, but rules and rates will vary by community.

Dual garbage and green bin collections will be weekly, even in areas previously bi-weekly. The green bin service requires no tag, while garbage bags need prepaid tags. Here is a breakdown.


Rossland businesses that currently sell GFL garbage stickers will limit sales and minimize the number of extra stickers circulating in the community. Sheets of 10 will be reduced to five. The sale of all GFL stickers will be stopped as of Oct. 2 but you can still use them until the end of the year as follows:

  • One large GFL sticker will be equivalent to one RDKB tag. 
  • Two small GFL stickers will be equivalent to one RDKB tag. 
  • A partially filled bag will require the use of two small or one large GFL sticker.  The use of one small bag sticker will not be accepted. 

New RDKB garbage tags will be available from participating businesses early this month  These will be the only garbage tags allowed for the service after Jan. 1. However, you’re asked not to use them before Oct. 2. 

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Warfield property owners who paid for residential garbage collection for 2023 will receive nine garbage tags for their use. These tags offset the fees paid for weekly garbage service from October to December of this year. Residents can expect the tags, accompanied by a letter, in the coming days. 


The City of Trail will provide a credit on 2024 utilities bills for residents who paid the 2023 annual garbage rate. Eighty-four per cent of the annual garbage rate is to cover the cost of curbside pick-up so the credit will reimburse residents for the collection costs from October to December that the RDKB will be responsible for. Each bag will have to be tagged at a cost of $3.

The city’s spring and fall yard waste pick up service, which is the remaining 16 per cent of the annual rate will continue this year and into 2024.  


Montrose will keep its current curbside garbage pick-up service. It will still be picked up every Wednesday for $3.50 per bag.  The weekly collection of food waste will be provided by the RDKB, on the same day as garbage collection.   


  • Thirteen free RDKB garbage tags will be provided to each household in lieu of being charged for the service in utilities. These will be available at the village office for use from Oct. 1 onward.
  • Once the 13 tags are used, residents can purchase RDKB tags for $3 as needed, from the village office.
  • Although the Village of Fruitvale presently does bi-weekly garbage, the RDKB will be collecting garbage weekly from Oct. 2 onward. 
  • Village of Fruitvale garbage bags will not be mandatory for use from October onward, but RDKB garbage tags will be mandatory. Existing village garbage bags will not be reimbursed.


Waste Management will continue to operate garbage pick-up every Monday until its contract expires on March 31. The RDKB will be collecting green bin waste on the same day, so residents can place both materials at the curb on the same day.

Starting April 1, the garbage collection service will transition to the RDKB and residents will then be required to purchase RDKB garbage tags. 

Areas A and B (excluding Genelle) 

Many residents in these areas have either never had garbage pick up or have had a direct contract with a local hauling company. Starting Oct. 2, the RDKB will be provide weekly curbside collection of green bin and garbage to the vast majority of residents. A collection calendar will be delivered to residents within the first two weeks of September.

The weekly green bin and garbage curbside collection schedule has been posted on the RDKB website. A list of garbage tag retailer can be found here

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