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Strychnine blamed for dogs’ deaths in Casino

Two dogs have died in Casino of suspected strychnine poisoning.

Trail RCMP say the dogs lived near each other and were occasional playmates, who roamed the area and their own large properties.

On Sunday, one of the dogs was found dead in its yard by its owner. Although the cause is unconfirmed, the following day the owner saw her dog’s playmate eating a piece of meat in her yard. Before she could intervene, it ran off.

A short time later, the second dog’s owner discovered his dog convulsing. He rushed it the local vet but the dog died en route. A lab test confirmed the presence of strychnine.

Police believe the first dog likely died of the same cause and think someone was baiting coyotes with poisoned meat. They say it’s a common practice despite being illegal and dangerous to other animals.

The BC Conservation Office has been notified.

RCMP are looking for any information on whomever was responsible.

“Trail RCMP recommends that all dogs be kept inside, leashed, or fenced to discourage roaming in the area to prevent poisoning as the investigation continues to unfold,” says Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

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