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Man arrested for Trail Dairy Queen break-in

A man has been arrested after a break and enter was foiled at the new Dairy Queen in Trail.

Police say they were called around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning when someone spotted a man break open a window and climb inside.

Two officers arrived and saw the man, who had painted his face black, standing inside and looking out the window.

When they told the man he was under arrest for break and enter, he began running back and forth looking for an escape route. He eventually left by the front door and tried to run away. However, police say he didn’t make it far before tripping over a curb and being caught.

The 35-year-old Trail man was taken to jail and will face charges of break and enter, resisting arrest, and disguise with intent when he appears in court May 25.

“The man allegedly told the arresting officers that he was upset he did not have time to eat something while inside the restaurant,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich said in a news release.

“I hope he inquiries about the operating hours of the business in the future so he can avoid the inconvenient arrest by police before dining.”

Camouflage fails to do the trick

Trail RCMP recovered military clothing and personal items from a man found passed out in a washroom.

They say they responded to a report about the man on Friday morning in a business in the 700 block of Victoria Street.

They believe the 26-year-old Trail man was on drugs, but woke up when they got there. They noted he was wearing military camouflage reportedly stolen from a vehicle earlier that morning.

He was arrested for possession of stolen property and a search turned up other items worth about $3,000 stolen from the same vehicle.

The man will face one count of possession of property obtained by crime when he appears in court April 27.

“I guess the man was depending on the officers not being able to be see him while dressed in camouflage,” Wicentowich quipped.

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