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Cyclist injured in Highway 3B crash

RCMP say a 60-year-old Trail man is believed to have suffered a broken hip after being clipped by an SUV mirror while on a bike.

Police say it happened Saturday afternoon in the 5800 block of Highway 3B in Trail. The man was riding his electric bike on the shoulder of the highway when the passenger side mirror of a Ford Bronco hit him.

The 55-year-old Montrose woman driving the Bronco was travelling in the same direction as the man and his bike. Police say the Bronco’s warning system reportedly notified the woman about the impending collision just before contact, but to no avail.

The man was taken to hospital. Police are still investigating.

“Please make sure you are highly visible when you are riding your bicycle on our roadway,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich said in a news release.

“This bicycle was believed to have a working headlight and rear reflector, however, consider wearing highly reflective clothing to help stand out in the dark. Drivers, please be on the look out for bicycles on the shoulder of the road as the winter snow recedes. Give bicyclists ample room when you pass them to avoid any unfortunate incidents such as this one.”

Catalytic converter swiped

Police say the theft of catalytic converters continues to be a problem locally.

One was swiped from a 2013 Nissan Rogue that was parked near the Oasis/Rivervale junction on Highway 22.

RCMP note it’s a popular location for vehicles that are for sale, but they recommend against leaving vehicles there, because they’re vulnerable to theft and damage.

“Catalytic converters and items inside vehicles are currently the target of thieves operating in the area,” Wicentowich said. “Please take precautions to avoid becoming a victim.”

Impaired driver stopped

A 27-year-old Trail woman was issued a 24-hour roadside ban after being pulled over on the Schofield Highway.

Police say an officer noticed her leaving the parking lot of a liquor store on Saturday. She was driving under the speed limit and turned her hazard lights on.

She was suspected to be impaired by alcohol and cannabis.

135 in a 90 zone

A 20-year-old Trail man has been fined for excessive speeding after he was caught doing 135 km/h in a 90 zone.

Police say he was pulled over Saturday on Highway 3B.

The man, who had a learner’s permit, was served with a four-month driving ban stemming from a previous incident. He was also fined $196 for speeding and $138 for driving contrary to restrictions.

Family feud

Police say they weren’t able to help a 66-year-old woman who brought her 37-year-old daughter to their detachment, concerned about her drinking.

Police were told the younger woman was being disruptive and her mother and other members of the family didn’t want to deal with her while she was drunk.

An officer talked to the pair but explained he couldn’t take the daughter into custody or otherwise assist.

“I understand the urge for parents to drop badly behaved kids off at our detachment sometimes but we can’t take them due to the potentially astronomical daily demand for this desired service,” Wicentowich quipped.

$200 and a parrot

If this was a scam, we’re still trying to figure out how it works.

Police say a 29-year-old Trail woman posted an ad on a website that included her phone number. She then received a reply from an unknown number stating that they had a parrot for her and electronically transferred $200.

The woman didn’t reply but reported the strange incident to police.

“Normally getting pirated on the internet does not involve getting a parrot and $200 in treasure,” Wicentowich said.

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