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Most drivers sticking to limit in Castlegar

Data from the City of Castlegar shows most drivers are obeying the speed limit, at least when they’re being watched.

Since September, the city has had electronic speed detection signs in two locations.

Engineering manager Travis Christianson told council this week that one has been monitoring southbound traffic near 5th Avenue and 24th Street.

It has recorded 99,000 vehicles and found their average speed was 43 km/h in a 50 zone. Eighty-five per cent of vehicles were going 51 km/h or slower, “which is generally what we look for as being acceptable.”

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However there was one significant anomaly: the highest recorded speed was someone doing 142 km/h late on a Saturday night in September.

Christianson said while it was a one-off, they have forwarded the info to RCMP.

The signs also monitored northbound traffic near 5th Avenue and 30th Street, and found an average speed of 34 km/h. Eighty-five per cent of drivers were going 43 km/h or slower.

Christianson said they hope to rotate the signs to different locations a little more frequently. While they have a list of other trouble areas, they haven’t decided yet where the signs will go next.

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