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Trail woman having a bad day lashes out with cane

She was, as RCMP put it, “armed and cane-gerous.”

On Saturday, they responded to a report of a 72-year-old Trail woman assaulting employees with her cane at a business in the 700 block of Victoria Street.

No one was hurt, but employees called police because they were concerned with about he woman’s wellbeing given her odd behaviour.

An officer spoke with the woman, who said she acted out after becoming upset with the taste of a chocolate bar she bought and the fact that her lottery ticket wasn’t a winner.

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Police escorted the woman to her home.

“We would like to thank the caring and kind staff for calling us to report this incident,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich said.

“Trail RCMP will refer it to a partnering agency who can provide support for the elderly woman. We hope that this support will prevent any further future incidents.”

Drunk dialing 911

A man who dialed 911 and hung up is likely in hot water, but not with police.

They say on Sunday evening, a 45-year-old Trail man called the emergency line but refused to provide any information to the dispatcher.

Officers went to his home on Sixth Avenue in Trail anyway. After some negotiations at the front door, he came outside to speak to them and discovered that he called 911 after his girlfriend yelled at him for being drunk when she got home from work.

She was very surprised to learn police had been contacted. But she allowed him to stay in the home until he sobered up.

“Something tells me that this gentleman’s hangover will be the least of his problems this week,” Wicentowich quipped.

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