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Only minor injuries in Oasis crash

Police say a Monday morning crash at Highway 22 and Hanna Drive at Oasis between two vehicles (pictured above) resulted in only minor injuries that didn’t require any medical attention. However, the incident slowed traffic until the crash was cleared.

Motorcyclist suspected of drunk driving

Police say a 42-year-old Montrose man has lost his license for three months and had his motorcycle impounded for up to 30 days.

On Sunday afternoon, they responded to a report of two men on motorcycles speeding and passing vehicles unsafely on Highway 22. An officer located the men in the 1100 block of Bay Avenue.

RCMP spoke to one of the men, who refused to provide his license and insurance when requested. He was arrested for obstructing a peace officer, but at that point decided to co-operate and provide the information.

He was also ask to provide a breath sample, which registered a fail.

“Unfortunately, some motorcyclists give others a bad name due to their poor driving habits,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich said in a news release. “Trail RCMP asks the public to report incidents such as this one as they put everyone’s safety on the road at risk.”

Woman scammed online

Another local resident has been defrauded online, this time out of $1,300.

Police say the woman applied for a government grant after receiving a link through her social media account. She clicked on the link and provided her information online as she thought she was applying for a legitimate grant.

The woman was then contacted by a person who informed her that she needed to send $1,300 in pre-paid credit cards to have her grant delivered to her. The woman did so and mailed them as instructed, but grew suspicious when the grant didn’t arrive.

She reported the incident to police.

The woman received the link through from one of her friends on social media, but police say she didn’t realize that account had been hacked.

Police say sending money or gift cards through the mail is a bad idea because it’s impossible to trace and recover.

Last week police reported that another woman lost $300 buying a kayak online that never arrived.

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