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Trail council candidate Thea Hanson wants thriving downtown

A local realtor running for Trail city council says she wants to rebuild relationships within city hall and with the rest of the community.

Thea Hanson has lived in the city for 13 years but her family has been in Trail for decades. She says in her job she already advocates for the community to anyone who moves there.

As a mother, she says she wants to ensure the community is safe for children, and as a local businesswoman, she wants to ensure entrepreneurs and local businesses have the support they need to ensure a thriving downtown.

Although she has not sought elected office before, she says she has lots of experience with governance models as well as public speaking and communication skills.

Hanson presently sits on the Lower Columbia Community Development Team Society, the Trail Health and Environment Committee, the Home of Champions Societ,y and the newly-formed downtown Trail improvement committee.

She has also worked with the Chamber of Commerce and represented Trail at a provincial chamber annual general meeting.

“If you’re not making the decisions, you can bring great ideas, but sometimes they just don’t move forward,” she says.

“I want to rebuild relationships within city hall, within our community, and with our neighbours as well as support growth through economic development and retain those amenities that create a thriving community.”

Hanson says she was asked to run for council eight years ago, but the timing wasn’t right. Now that her kids are older, she’s willing to give it a shot.

“For me it’s really about getting everyone working together,” she says. “I feel like that hasn’t been happening for some time.

“We have a louder voice when united. Everyone’s not always going to have the same opinion, but respecting each other and thoughtfully working together for long-term goals is what’s key.”

Hanson says she is excited to be one of 13 candidates running for council and has heard enthusiasm in the community about being able to choose from people of many different backgrounds and experiences. Last time, all six councillors were acclaimed.

“Every decision I make is with clear and transparent communication,” she says. “I always work on building relationships with people. That’s part of my job. The decisions I make will be with my head and my heart.”

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