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Trail woman defrauded of $700 on Facebook

RCMP say a Trail woman is out $700 after being scammed on social media.

She received a request through Facebook from someone she thought was her friend to buy $700 in gift cards, which she did so, and then sent photos of the redemption codes.

But it turned out the friend’s account had been hacked. Gift cards aren’t traceable, so she’s out the money.

Please do not send electronic money transfers or gift card redemption codes to anyone over the internet, social media, or phone unless you are absolutely sure it is legitimate and you are dealing with the person you think you are. Social media is not a secure or trustworthy form of communication, says Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

Scammers target social media accounts for this reason. They want gift cards and electronic money transfers because they are untraceable. If someone is asking you for an electronic money transfer or gift card over social media, please let that be a signal to be cautious and conduct your due diligence. Once the money is sent that it is gone forever.

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