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Castlegar mayoral candidate: Gordon Zaitsoff

The former four-term Area J Director, Gordon Zaitsoff, is running for Mayor in the by-election.

Born and raised in Castlegar, Zaitsoff is a 4th generation West Kootenay local who worked in the forest sector in his entire career. 

“Some of the projects I was able to carry through on while I was a regional Director definitely benefited the Castlegar area,” said Zaitsoff. “When I was regional Director, we had the largest advisory planning committee. 17 individuals, three of which from the City of Castlegar.”

Zaitsoff said having multiple perspectives and input is vital for coming up with the best decisions possible. With help from his team, he said he was able to accomplish all of his goals and then some.

As for making the transfer of experience from Area Director to Mayor, Zaitsoff said the job may even be “a lot simpler.”

“If you are an active Area Director, basically you are Mayor, Council and administrator,” Zaitsoff added. “A lot of the groundwork for you to go ahead, initiate some of the projects, you are the sole person doing the homework for those things.”

With that Zaitsoff said he appreciates the task at hand of bringing together a divided Council.

“The first thing to tackle is working together and getting everyone on the same page,’ said Zaitsoff. “Kind of eliminate the bickering and start moving ahead on some project we should be focusing on.”

His priorities include help for the homeless and those at risk and suffering from drug addiction. One project Zaitsoff suggests is fully utilizing the space at Talarico Place run by Interior Health. 

“It has two wings in the lower levels,” he said. “Basically with a little work, it can house the expertise that we need as far as medical people, treatment, and a return to a kind of half-normal life.”

Another function that Talarico Place could provide, Zaistoff said, is more assisted housing for the elderly. 

The Castlegar Airport is another issue. He said the contract for maintenance should be revisited. Also, that the Keenleyside Dam which was built after the airport changes winter weather patterns affecting flights due to the new body of water.

“We have the Columbia River Treaty that is going through,” Zaitsoff said. “It definitely impacts the operation of the Castlegar Airport. I think this is a prime example, where funds should be diverted so it’s not on the taxpayer.”

General voting day is April 24th. There will also be a mail-in ballot option. 

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