School has been back for about a month now and it’s already time to recognize the people in charge, as October is National Principal Month.

The BC Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association (BCPVPA) will be marking the month with an online campaign that highlights some of the leaders throughout British Columbia.

Darren Danyluk, President of BCPVPA, said the start of the new school year has been especially hectic.

“The normal life of a principal and vice-principal, I don’t think this fall could be called a normal life. Again the fall typically is very busy time and school gets started up, you kind of go full shut down in July and it’s a full start-up in September.”

Danyluk said COVID-19 expanded the workload of staff.

“This year on top of all that is typical of a September, making it a very busy time of the year anyways, everything else is pretty much amplified with the reality of schooling in COVID-19.”

According to Danyluk, the majority of the principals and staff didn’t receive a summer vacation this year in order to get all the health guidelines organized.

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