As of 12:00 p.m on June 18, 2020 fireworks are permitted on private properties, but only within the City of Castlegar.

The City announced that this is in conjunction with the amendments that the BC Wildfire Service made at the same time.

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With that, the City of Castlegar bylaws do not allow for open burning of yard waste, garbage and construction or demolition material.

“We have been busy dealing with burning complaints involving yard clean-up waste and the burning of prohibited materials over the last number of months,” the City said. “We ask that you please utilize the yard waste disposal facility at the Castlegar Recreation Complex or take the material for proper disposal to the landfill located in Ootischenia.”

Within Castlegar boundaries, the City made it clear ONLY  campfires burning campfire wood are permitted on private property until otherwise notified by the Office of the City of Castlegar Fire Chief.  For information on campfires and restrictions, visit this link.