Council convened in Castlegar and addressed a number of ways the city could move forward, while also addressing policies set out by the province amid loosening COVID-19 policies.

The latest Council meeting yielded the following:

  • A six month “Open Streets Pilot Project” that will allow businesses to use and expand into their own available open spaces or city-owned property,
  • The City will begin accepting online credit card payments to provide an additional option that does not require in-person interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The base monthly water consumption for residential users has been increased  from 30 to 40 cubic meters from March to May. However after discussion, Council voted to stick with regular rates beyond May because the extension only provides minimal relief to taxpayers and could reduce the City’s revenue by $34,000 to $40,000. 

Unfortunately due to existing restrictions, the City had to make make a cut to seasonal hires.

“Council reviewed the summer maintenance schedule for parks and recognizes that service levels will be reduced as the result of not hiring summer students due to COVID-19,” The City announced. “Council appreciates the hard work of the parks crew and understands the temporary decrease in services will be difficult to see for this crew and the community which take so much pride in beautifying our public spaces.”