The federal government has rolled out a new program to help small businesses that are struggling to pay rent. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program for commercial landlords and tenants. The program will see the federal, provincial, and territorial governments cover 50% of rental costs, while tenants are asked to absorb 25% percent, and landlords the remaining 25%. Applications will be accepted starting May 25th.

More: Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program (Government of Canada)

Trudeau said the country will hear more from Public Health Canada on Wednesday afternoon about the use of masks. He said public health authorities are looking at the best way to protect Canadians.

Trudeau once again stressed that physical distancing and maintaining hand sanitization is the best way to protect ourselves. Where distancing is difficult, Trudeau himself said he has chosen to wear a mask.

“Everyone’s situation will be different. When it is possible where I can remain two metres apart from people I don’t wear a mask, but where I can’t maintain that distance like walking through the halls of Parliament, then I choose to wear a mask. When I go to my seat in the House I will be wearing a mask, but when I get to my seat, I will remove it, but when I leave, I will put it on again.”