The Kootenay Animal Assistance Program and Castlegar Community Harvest Food Bank received a helping hand from an association that is on its way out.

Last month, the Castlegar & District Fire Chiefs Association announced, “The Association was no longer required since its spirit and intent has been incorporated into the Regional District of Central Kootenay Fire Chiefs Association which also oversees regional emergency planning.”

The Association said that their remaining funds, totaling roughly $3000, should leave legacy in the community by going towards local charities, including the Kootenay Animal Assistance Program and the Castlegar Community Harvest Food Bank.

This donation marks one of the final acts for an association that began in 1982. Fire departments in Castlegar and the surrounding area saw the need to plan for larger battles by teaming up and potentially relying on one another if situations call for it. Departments from Castlegar, Robson, Pass Creek, Celgar and Tarry’s formed the Castlegar and District Fire Chiefs Association created policies to ensure an appropriate system was in place. Blueberry Creek, Ootischenia, Crescent Valley, Passmore, Slocan, Beasley and Blewett, would later join as members of the Association.

From left to right: Brad Makortoff Mercer Celgar, Chief Aaron Bebelman Pass Creek FD, Chief George Hamm Ootischenia FD, Laurel Mattew Kootenay Animal Assistance Program, Chaplain Gerry Rempel Association Chair, Retired Chief Brian Bebelman Pass Creek FD, Chief Greg Patterson Tarry’s FD and Chief Sam Lattanzio Castlegar FD. Missing from Photo is Chief Jeff Grant from Robson FD. (image supplied bu the City of Castlegar)