Stage One Water Restrictions are now in effect in Rossland. That means there’s alternate day watering depending on your street address.

Water Smart Ambassador Kai Symington-Kruus says there were changes made to the outdoor water use restriction Bylaw that encourage residents to get in the habit of conserving.

“As our climate is varying we’re getting less snow pack in the winter, which means that as our reservoir is fed by streams and rivers, there is the potential for less water coming in,” explained Symington-Kruus.

Water use is the highest during the summer, added Symington-Kruus, as residents want to have green lawns and lush gardens. She can help you identify the watering needs of your landscape by booking a free lawn assessment.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re watering enough or if you’re water too much, if you don’t have any prior knowledge. So I can just come in and assure that what you’re doing is good and that everything looks good and that you’re going to have a healthy lawn or garden that will last,” said Symington-Kruus.

When you sign up for a lawn assessment you will receive a free hose timer and will be entered into a draw to win one of three drip irrigation kits.

You can contact Kai Symington-Kruus for your lawn assessment at:

To learn more about the City of Rossland’s outdoor water use restriction Bylaw you can visit the City of Rossland website.