The City of Castlegar will be doing some storm drainage improvements at Second Street and Fifth Avenue.

Chief Administrative Officer Chris Barlow says it’s been on the City’s radar for a number of years now and will be completed in 2019.

“It’s just an undersized storm system there that collects a lot of water and then with climate change and the way we’re seeing rains storms coming now, just high intensity and short duration, the existing old system just can’t keep up with that and so we flooded some neighbouring properties and this is to address that,” said Barlow.

According to the City, two low lying homes at that intersection have experience flooding during intensive rain events. One of the homeowners said it happens as frequently as once per year.

It’s one of the projects that was identified for completion when the storm parcel tax was introduced as it kept getting bumped back.

“We’ve finally been able to design it and tender it and the tender prices came in. We had three competitive bids and it will be awarded to the lowest bidder,” said Barlow.

On Monday, council voted in favour of awarding the project to Copcan Civil Ltd. for $377,969 (plus GST). The improvements also include the addition of concrete curbs and the replacement of asphalt paving.

$442,000 was approved in the 2018 capital budget and $400,00 was approved for 2019.  $42,000 was not carried over to the 2019 capital budget and council approved an increase in the General Revenue budget for that value to restore the full contingency amount. Any remaining amount will be added back into the General Revenue Reserves.