The City of Trail is looking to start its Citizens on Patrol (COP) program again. Sergeant Mike Wicentowich with Trail and Greater District RCMP approached city council this week with a funding request of $45,000 a year, though he says it may run up to $60,000. The program was volunteer run in years past and the number of participants has dwindled.

“A number of years ago we did have a Citizens on Patrol coordinator that operated out of the Trail detachment and the program was highly successful so we’re bringing that position back.”

The hope is to have between 11 and 60 volunteers who will be able to keep an eye on problematic areas.

“So let’s say, downtown where vehicles are being broken into, we can deploy them to that area and have them watch out for the people that we’re suspicious of that are committing these types of thefts.”

There’s also a speed and cell phone watch program that targets drivers.

Most of the funding would be used to hire the part-time coordinator although some equipment is necessary as well. RCMP have identified someone they’re recommending for the job. The funding would kick in in April and the program’s success would be evaluated in 2021 before council decides to allocate additional support.

There’s been an immense amount of interest from people who want to be involved with policing, according to Sergeant Wicentowich, and COP is an avenue that private citizens can take. He adds council was very supportive of the request and will be proceeding. For the amount of money spent, he feels there should be incredible return.