Access Gas Services employees have been identified as the two men going door to door in Trail. Trail and District RCMP notified residents about a possible case of fraud yesterday as the men were initially said to be from FortisBC, which doesn’t send staff to canvass neighbourhoods. The men were reported to be asking to see FortisBC billing information.

Although they have been properly identified now, Sergeant Mike Wicentowich still wants to public to be cautious.

“Providing somebody with your billing information, even though it is to a company or a legitimate business or service, can have consequences and we recommend that people be very careful about what they discuss or what kind of information they give out to anyone.”

Police hadn’t been aware Access Gas Services was operating in the area, as most companies will give them a call in advance if they’re going door to door. Access Gas Services has been contacted by the RCMP and asked to notify police when they operate in the area in future.