“Connections and Intersections” is the name of a mural that five Selkirk College students helped create at the Castlegar Campus, which looks to explore individual and campus health. It includes six panels representing different domains of holistic health including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, financial and spiritual. Matty Hillman, a School of Health and Human Services instructor facilitated the project.

“So I think that’s really important for students to be looking beyond just the cognitive and intellectual piece to health cause it’s so prominent in post-secondary, as it should be, but there’s so many other elements that make up a healthy, whole person.”

Hillman adds each student also brings their unique identity and position within society. Health can be experienced differently depending on one’s sexuality, ethnicity, ability,or socio-economic class which is another lens of the project.

Students involved in the Selkirk College mural project that shines
a spotlight on Healthy Campus initiatives include: (L-R) Jeremy Kind, Tyler Vance, Zakeea
Al Hanafy, Jason Williams, instructor Matty Hillman and Phuong Minh Le (Kitty) (Submitted: Selkirk College)

Part of the task was also creating a balance between individuality and cohesion, says Hillman. The colour palate and borders help connect the six works. The basket-woven boarder pieces represent connections between Selkirk College community members and between campuses throughout the region. Artist statements also provide insight into what each individual student was striving for in their creativity.

It’s the first artwork on campus that Hillman has been a part of and he hopes there’s more to come.

“I think the addition of creativity and colour can really bring some different energy and hopefully some talking points into the space. Our hope is that students will not only appreciate the mural for the visual, but they’ll approach it and read a bit about the student experience through the artist statement and maybe it’ll inspire them to discuss what a healthy campus is or can be for them.”

“Connections and Intersections” is part of the Selkirk College Healthy Campus initiative. The mural is located in The Pit and was completed in June.