A structure fire in a detached garage broke out this morning on Columbia Road in Ootischenia. The cause is under investigation, but is not considered suspicious. Ootischenia Fire Department Chief George Hamm says the garage sustained a lot of damage and will need to be replaced, however it could have been worse.

“There was nobody inside, right, so the building is detached from the home which is a big help for us for spreading to an actual structure.”

Image Courtesy Mike Johnstone

Chief Hamm says there was a power pole located near by and the electricity was shut off. There was a lot of smoke, which Chief Hamm says is likely because it was a garage fire. He adds they’re some of the most dangerous for responders.

“Being a garage there’s a lot of different things in there. Everybody stores their fuel in there and paint cans, so you get a way bigger mix of things compared to your house which is fairly standard. Every one has a couch every one has a TV.”

There was no vehicle located in the garage at the time of the fire, but Chief Hamm says there was a tractor and lots of woodworking equipment.

Members from the Robson and Tarrys Fire Departments also attended which Chief George Hamm says was a good response from the smaller departments.

“Us small departments we always rely on neighboring partners and departments to come help us because you know, day time coverage for us is pretty spotty. I actually had two fire members, one come from Nelson and one come from Trail.”

He adds all the departments are looking for volunteer members as well .