The City of Castlegar launched a new website this week. The City’s Chief Administrative Officer Chris Barlow says it’ll help with public engagement.

“[It’s an] all-in-one engagement platform that allows us to create engagement opportunities for whatever events the City is running and that we can publish them quickly and easily on one site so the public knows one place to go to get the information or where to engage.”

Barlow says this comes as the City starts its consultations on the 2019 budget and explains one of the interesting features.

“People, if they have big ideas that they would like to see built as part of the annual budget, they can actually go to the map and put a little thumb tack in there and say here’s where I would build something or here’s where I would improve something and they can actually tag that location and the rest of the community can see that live too so that they can see it and make comment to it.”

Results and comments received before November 2, 2018 will be provided to Council prior to the upcoming budget development process.

Barlow says the website replaces other engagement tools and puts everything into one location. However, some traditional community engagement methods currently used will continue.

To visit the new website, click here.