Heritage BC will be hosting a number of public consultations around the province next month. Arts, culture, and heritage sectors are invited to participate as 20 round tables are scheduled, including one at the Trail Riverfront Centre. Museum and Archives Manager, Sarah Benson-Lord, explains what the focus of the meeting will be.

“The goal is to help develop a strategic plan for heritage in the province. How we’re preserving heritage, how we’re presenting heritage and why heritage is important, I guess provincially, but also in these smaller pockets outside of the mainland. It’s wonderful that Heritage BC is branching out into our part of the world.”

The last time Heritage BC did this kind of consultation was 10 years ago. Heritage BC Executive Director Paul Gravett says this time the scope of the project will be greatly expanded and will reach out to all regions of the province.

Benson-Lord is encouraging anyone interested to get registered. “We’re asking anyone, if you’re a funder, if you’re a participant of heritage, culture or arts. If you work at a museum or an art gallery or if you just have a general interest. If you sit on city council and support your heritage organizations, please attend this and ensure your voice is heard.”

Trail’s roundtable happens Friday, October 12. They are also scheduled in Creston on October 9 and Nakusp on October 13.

You can contact Benson-Lord at 250-364-0829 to reserve your seat at the roundtable discussion. For more information, click here.