The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is looking into a Winlaw farm sanctuary.

They’re investigating Cici Life Farm Sanctuary’s transport of two bull calves this summer.┬áBut owner Patricia Smuga denies doing anything wrong.

Smuga says they’re co-operating with the investigation.

She says one of the calves had parasites while the other had a deformed leg.

In a prepared statement, the agency says it was contacted by a member of the public about the transport of the animals.

“The CFIA routinely conducts inspections based on these types of reports to gather additional information about the circumstances involved in the transport of potentially compromised animals,” the statement says.

No decision on next steps has been made, they added.

Smuga says an SPCA constable also visited them to check on one of the calves. The SPCA would only say they are aware of the situation and it is an open case file.