Recycle BC depots will be coming soon to the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

That’s following the announcement of a five-year agreement between the provincial government and newspaper industry.

The deal will see the sector contribute to the cost of recycling its products through a combination of cash and rebates on government advertising.

The province will use those funds to help Recycle BC’s expand services to waitlisted communities, including those in the RDCK.

Recycle BC’s Allen Langdon says the industry’s refusal to participate was the major hold-up.

The newspaper industry initially balked at paying into the program. Once the five-year deal expires, the industry is expected to comply on its own.

Recycle BC already provides curbside pick-up in some local communities, but not depots.

The total provincial government costs over the five years are capped at $8 million, not counting $6 million in advertising rebates.